I have been practising Yoga for many years, and recently felt the need to take my experience to the next level. Carol has created a great Yoga Teacher Training program and I’m enjoying not only the poses, but also learning about anatomy, yoga’s history, and the self-awareness exercises.  I have met great women from all ages and walks of life, all assembled in the program for the same purpose; to be able to teach people the benefits of Yoga. I am gaining a whole new appreciation for yoga; balancing my strengths and working on my vulnerabilities in ways that feel not just healthy, but also deeply satisfying. The Glow team is very unique.  They are a community of like-minded people who truly care about your well-being.  There’s something to be gained for everyone in Glow’s YTT program.

Trudy Lopes-Elder, Illuminated Teacher Training Program 2017

Where do I begin? The very first time I walked into GLOW I knew I was meant to be there. Everyone is so welcoming & loving, especially Carol Baxter. She is a beautiful, inspiring soul that I am forever grateful to have met & have help me along this journey. I decided to take her YTT course when I realized I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life & felt very passionless. Just after week 3 of this course I have felt a change in myself, my way of thinking and how I view others. It has brought so much light to me that I truly wish more people could experience. Something I’ve loved about this program was the Shadow Workshop; it’s a special addition that Carol has incorporated that helps you recognize buried emotion/feelings/qualities. It gave me a new perspective on everything. It’s hard to put into words what the shadow weekend and the GLOW Illuminated Yoga Teacher Training has done for me; I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those in search of their true selves.

Riley Graham, Illuminated Teacher Training Program 2017

I was really undecided where to take my yoga teaching training until I met Carol. I was drawn to Carol because she offers something very special and truly unique that sets Glow YTT apart from all the others. The yoga teacher training at Glow goes way beyond yoga philosophy, sequencing and anatomy; Carol includes incredible shadow work. This work is the jewel that has totally transformed and empowered me in a way that was unimaginable. WOW – My spirit feels so free and joyous! If you are not familiar with shadow work; the best way I can describe this is… imagine creating light in your life where there was darkness so that your spirit can truly shine. Carol is a masterful facilitator and creates a respectful, safe and trusting environment that encourages growth; this is an essential ingredient for shadow work to be beneficial. I have observed significant shifts in my mind, my body and my soul and I have observed this in others as well. I know I could never have achieved these outcomes on my own. It is called Illuminated Training for a reason. I am so grateful to Carol for this experience, the teachers and the wonderful classmates whom I share this incredible journey. This training is the best gift I have ever given myself!

Tricia Summersby, Illuminated Teacher Training Program 2017

“I feel very lucky to have had Tara for both prenatal yoga and now the mom & baby yoga sessions. The prenatal yoga was great in preparing for labour and I used a lot of the techniques during. Tara is also a very compassionate and empathic person and helps with any anxieties you may have. The mom & baby yoga is something we look forward to every week. Tara really understands the needs of the babies and is very flexible in incorporating them into the practice. Meanwhile she really advocates for us parents to look after ourselves and create a safe space for us!!! Both these sessions have made all the difference in the in the road to parenthood!”

Elizabeth Voisin

“Glow –it’s a little piece of heaven on earth. The studio is located in such an amazing spot, just being there makes you feel at peace. The teachers and owner are so welcoming and friendly. I love going there. I discovered it by chance two years ago when searching for a restorative practice and very rarely miss a week without attending one of their classes. My favourite is definitely the restorative practice and the Recharge & Restore, but I’ve also enjoyed the Vinyasa flow and many of the workshops offered. I’ve had Reiki and EFT treatments as well.”

Joelle Burden

“Dawn is a beautiful and inspiring yoga instuctor. I knew from the first night that I had practice with her that she had something to teach me. I walked out of my first night with her feeling inspired and ready to learn. Yin was very difficult for me but her words resonated with me when she talked about not running away from the things that make us uncomfortable. Dawn is always a calming and soothing presence and she has such a good energy that just being in her presence inspires me to begin my practice. The words that she speaks are meaningful and insightful and she always leaves me with something to meditate on and something to feel grateful for.”

Shannon Thorton-Weir

“Carol Baxter is an inspiration for anyone seriously interested in getting fit through her Hot Yoga classes at GLOW. In the short time I have attended I have received many compliments asking what I have been doing. Regardless of how many others are in the class Carol has a knack of making each person feel she’s attending to you individually. When you arrive she welcomes you with a genuine friendliness that makes you feel like you’re a kindred spirit. This is only the beginning of your experience as her enthusiasm for you to achieve your goal is made possible by her in depth knowledge and on-going training of her craft and with that her ability to get you to work to your ‘edge’ that will propel you to succeed and inspire you to go beyond your limits.”

Gail Tays, HD

“I use to declare that I didn’t like exercise nor sweating. Less than 3 months later I now crave being in downward dog while looking out at the peaceful landscape of the Glow Yoga Studio. My new found strength, stamina and energy both surprises and pleases me. I fell in love with Yoga on Saturday mornings in Adrienne’s class and pushed myself to new and exciting limits in Carol’s classes. Each teacher and their class teaches me something new that I can use to enhance my practice. In many conversations, I profess my new love of yoga and accredit Glow for being a facility that in all aspects, calls me to the mat!”

Nicaise Shillingford

“I just recently completed my very first yoga Inferno Bootcamp at Glow Yoga Studio. What an experience! Carol is amazing! She really motivates people. She pushed me to do more when I would have otherwise quit. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the Inferno Bootcamp before starting, but by the end of the first class I realized that I could do it. Everyone in class was at a different stage in there “yoga journey” so I did not need to worry about what level I was on personally. I was exactly where I needed to be. Also, when I started Bootcamp I realized I was weak in a lot of joints and by the end of the 4 weeks I was stronger everywhere. It makes a difference when you work hard and you can feel the results as well as see them. I am so ready for the next Inferno Bootcamp to start.”


“I am so grateful to have been introduced to yoga and particularly to the glow yoga studio by my mom. I recently completed my first bootcamp and I could not believe how addicted to it I became because of how good I felt. Each week I noticed myself getting stronger and stronger and sweating it out in the heat was very cleansing and rejuvenating. As an added bonus I lost 6 pounds and my clothes fit me better! Carol is very motivating and works you through progressions so no matter what level you are at, everyone can participate, but it also gives you the opportunity to push yourself in ways you never thought possible. Yoga is what I have been missing to help deal with the stresses of life and I can’t wait for the next bootcamp to begin!”

Crystal Jakym, DC

“I joined Carol’ s bootcamp because I was getting married on a beach in Cuba and wanted to get in shape. In only a few weeks I started noticing a difference. Carol is an amazing teacher who offers a unique practice that tones and builds confidence. The body glow class is always challenging and never boring! If your goal is to tone muscle and build strength and endurance, the body glow class is perfect!!”

Lindsay Scudds

“I am so happy to have found Glow Yoga; it is a beautiful and inviting studio. Carol is an excellent teacher and is extremely supportive and encouraging. I just finished my first yoga bootcamp and it was absolutely amazing! The classes are unique and full of energy and leave you feeling both relaxed and revitalized. And it is true, the more you practice, the better you feel. It truly is addictive! I highly recommend Carol and Glow Yoga Studio.”

Andrea M.


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