Embracing Your Shadow Self Workshop

A journey into accepting every part of ourselves, and becoming whole

We all have a story. Our struggle is the understanding of how to let the story go and choose instead to embrace every single part of ourselves. Every young child, knows and understands kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. They also understand greed, selfishness and anger, but they learn that these qualities are wrong or unacceptable in society. The parts of us that we deny as children get tossed behind us into a large garbage bag, and we carry it with us most of our lives. When we begin to understand our shadow self, we start to take ownership and bridge acceptance of the entire person we really are. We realize that we are dualistic in nature, and that everything we see in others lives in us as well.

The magic of this powerful workshop is that the qualities we don’t like in ourselves are those that hold the greatest power and can supercharge our quest to becoming whole.

This workshop is for you if you are looking to step into:

• Improved relationships with yourself and others
• Accepting and empowering ALL parts of yourself
• How to liberate and free stuck energy so that you can begin to manifest
and create with intention

*How to truly begin the journey we are all seeking.. becoming whole.
*This is open to all , there are no prerequisites for this course.
*50 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
*Space is limited, must preregister to reserve your spot

Investment: $399 +HST

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I came to yoga for the “athletic” aspect and over the years I have grown to embrace the spiritual side of it.  It wasn’t until I came to Glow Yoga Wellness Studios that I heard of the Shadow and decided to take a leap and join Carol Baxter’s Shadow Weekend workshop. It’s easy to stay in your routine, in your patterns, thoughts and feelings, but this weekend opens your eyes, your mind and your heart. Carol is a tremendous leader, who guided myself and the other amazing people along on our journey; challenging us to face our demons, realize the demon isn’t so bad, and might even be an angel. Carol gave us unwavering support, love, encouragement, a nudge in the right direction, and the odd push off the cliff…with faith that we were ready to fly. The ShadowWorkshop brought me a deeper understanding of myself, how I am everything and that everything is exactly how it should be. I finished the weekend with the tools to keep diving deeper, to truly know myself and love myself, and with the knowledge that I am a work in progress, but no matter what, I am a masterpiece. Thank you!
– Amanda
The Shadow Weekend with Carol Baxter was an extraordinary experience. Carol’s guidance through this weekend was very unique, skillful and dynamic. Deep letting go of heavy burdens I carried during my life under Carol’s guidance was challenging but amazing at the same time and started a new way of looking at myself. Thank you Carol & Michelle!
– Miriam

This was a life changing weekend for me. I feel like I’ve come back to life and emerged a whole, aware being. Going into the weekend, I was depressed, unhappy, just going through the motions of living. Well, after shadow weekend, I feel like I’ve had new life breathed into me. I’m re-energized and alive. It’s this magical shift that’s occurred within me, and it’s so wonderful. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone! I think everyone can benefit from this type of inner reflection. I learned so much about myself and am at a space where I am accepting of who I am, and I’ve gained new confidence I didn’t know I had. Carol is truly mystical. Her ability to guide and support us over this weekend is truly what made it so special. I read the Debbie Ford book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers but didn’t connect to it in the same way. Carol created such a safe and inviting space for us to come together and meet our shadow. I’m so truly grateful to her for holding this space for this work.
– Emily