FULL MOON POWER - A WORKSHOP SERIES with CAROL BAXTER & MICHELLE BRYANT - MARCH 2, 2018 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm - $45 + tax

About Glow



To build a community that supports healthier and happier lives.


At Glow we make our classes accessible and inclusive – without judgment, pressure of demands. We are happy to have you join our community! We are committed to helping you develop a path of personal growth and change.

Yoga is a never-ending journey with many doors and pathways to a more holistic state of being. Part of our manifesto is committing to the path of change.

Change is understanding where you are currently and what areas of your life you would like to heal and grow. The seven seals or chakras of the body are important indicators of our current state of well-being. At different stages of our life, we are under a particular chakra development. The understanding of this development is crucial in relating to the areas of our life we might be having difficulty with.

We offer a free energetic assessment, including chakra evaluation, current stage of chakra development, specific areas of focus and a plan for development and change.

Interested? Ask one of our yoga teachers today to book your free assessment!

Glow yoga offers more than just yoga classes, we offer the most tranquil experience in the Durham Region. Our studio was built in 2010 and is located in Whitby just minutes from Ajax, Pickering, and Oshawa.