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Advanced Training

The Elements and Art of Sequencing

with Adrienne Kelly

With over 10 years of experience studying and teaching yoga, Adrienne has developed a personal style of teaching that is innovative and inspiring. She will share her knowledge and perspective to guide you through the elements and art of sequencing. This module will help you find your own unique voice to create balanced yoga classes that are accessible and meaningful for all students.

As a new teacher you will learn the key tools required in order to offer a well-sequenced class that is safe and thoughtfully arranged with a clear intention that meets the energy and needs of all students in your class.

You will learn how to:

* Consider the anatomy of movement to ensure safe and appropriate instruction
* Mindfully choose poses to build sequences that respect the mind-body-spirit connection
* Create a basic template for your classes that represents your voice and vision to create a meaningful experience for all students

This module will include both theory practice and will allow you an opportunity to put your learnings into practice with a brief presentation of your created sequence feedback from your peers. You wile feeling inspired and confident in your voice, message and delivery of unique and thoughtful sequencing that represents you as a teacher with a clear voice and intention.

Training Details:
Date: TBD
Time: Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Investment: $350.00 + HST
Hours of Training: 20 Yoga Alliance Certified Hours

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

with Tara Green

Restorative Yoga is a gentle yoga practice which uses various props to create a soft support for the body to facilitate a deeper release of the physical body. As the physical body moves into a deeper state of release and relaxation, then the mind is able to quiet down. Restorative Yoga is often referred to as a holistic healing practice, the support that is offered in restorative postures triggers a healing response. Restorative Yoga is both a therapeutic and restful practice, the postures should feel completely relaxed and ideally no physical sensations should be felt. The deep relaxation and long holds of Restorative Yoga postures stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, invoking a state of calm release into the body and mind.

Your course includes:

* 20 hours in class time
* 2 hours sitting in on a restorative class
* 2 hours assisting a restorative yoga class
* 1 hour of personal study and homework
* Detailed restorative yoga training manual
* Certificate of Restorative Teacher Training recognized by the Yoga Alliance

What to expect in this course:

*Learn how to plan and instruct a restorative yoga class.  We will discuss the various props available to enhance your student’s experience and offer plenty of support.
*Explore the lines of energy within restorative postures and how you, as teachers can offer up more support and comfort for your students.
*Discuss the tools and tricks to help quiet a busy mind and create a safe nurturing environment
*Discussions on pranayama, meditation and the parasympathetic nervous system and so much more!

Training Details:
Date: June 22 – 24, 2018
Time: Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm each day
Investment: $399.00 + HST
Hours of Training: 25 Yoga Alliance Certified Hours

Location: 1110 Brock Street South, Whitby

Yin Foundations Teacher Training

with Candace Morrison

Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quiet Practice

Yin Teacher Training gives an opportunity to investigate and deepen your yoga practice. Just as my teachers, Paul Grilley and Bo Forbes share, we will explore the phase change in the mind, physical and the energetic body. Adding yin poses to your practice is especially affective in changing the matrix of your connective tissues, your cellular structures and your energy. We explore how this gentle practice, offers us quiet time to relax, hold space, and feel the phase changes. Become the observer and sink into introspection.

No prior Yin Yoga experience is required. If you would like to deepen your understanding of the body, but not be a yoga teacher, you are also welcome to come and participate.

Prior certification to teach yoga is not a prerequisite. This course will be recognized as credits toward your 300 or 500 – hour certification, recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Topics we will discuss:

· Key meridians located in the fascia of the body, the energetic body

· A Buddhist perspective on yin poses

· Which poses impact the meridian lines and the connective tissue

· Anatomy and physiology; which body systems, including the mind- body- emotional body connection which are impacted by a yin practice

· Foundations of a yin practice

· Origins and history of Yin

· Understand muscle group that posture supposed to be stretching (functional approach)

Training Details:Time: Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Investment: $399.00plus HST
Hours of Training: 25 Yoga Alliance Certified Hours

Location: 1110 Brock Street South Whitby

Candace Morrison-Gage BSc. RMT CMA

Contact Us for more information and to register.


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